[ { "title": "Systems and methods for providing semantically enhanced identity management", "publication_date": "2008/19/12", "number": "08041743", "url": "/2008/12/19/systems-and-methods-for-providing-semantically-enhanced-identity-management/", "abstract": "Systems and methods are provided to enhance biometric data available to authorities to identify individuals by linking the available biometric data semantically to data from other sources to improve identity management using a semantic computing server that builds a semantic graph based on the data. Using a semantic graph helps determine the identity and possible intention to deceive of certain individuals.", "owner": "Semandex Networks, Inc.", "owner_city": "Princeton", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and apparatus for providing API service and making API mash-up, and computer readable recording medium thereof", "publication_date": "2008/12/09", "number": "08549471", "url": "/2008/09/12/method-and-apparatus-for-providing-api-service-and-making-api-mashup-and-computer-readable-recording-medium-thereof/", "abstract": "The present invention provides an open application program interface (API) service. A method of providing the API service includes generating meta-data for executing an API, generating resource data for generating a mash-up of the API, generating description data corresponding to the API, the meta-data, and the resource data, and generating an API package comprising the API, the meta-data, the resource data, and the description data. Accordingly, mash-up contents can be easily generated from various types of APIs.", "owner": "Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.", "owner_city": "Suwon-si", "owner_country": "KR" }, { "title": "System and method for performing contextual searches across content sources", "publication_date": "2008/18/07", "number": "09305060", "url": "/2008/07/18/system-and-method-for-performing-contextual-searches-across-content-sources/", "abstract": "A request is received from a user to perform a contextual search based on a media file or metadata for the media file. A type of the media file is determined. A contextual search menu is presented to the user. A selected contextual search query type selected from the contextual search menu is received from the user. One or more search modules each associated with one or more content sources are queried to determine which one or more search modules can perform the selected contextual search query type. A request is generated for one or more search modules that can perform the selected contextual search query type to perform the selected contextual search query type against one or more selected content sources associated with the one or more search modules. Search results are received from the one or more search modules, wherein the search results include links to one or more files associated with the one or more content sources. The search results are displayed to the user.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Systems and methods for providing targeted advertising and content delivery to mobile devices", "publication_date": "2008/27/06", "number": "08510773", "url": "/2008/06/27/systems-and-methods-for-providing-targeted-advertising-and-content-delivery-to-mobile-devices/", "abstract": "Systems and methods are described for providing targeted content delivery, including advertising, to mobile devices. A content organization and distribution system may be configured to receive content from a plurality of publishers and provide targeted content to a plurality of users having mobile devices, where the mobile devices are connected to the content organization and distribution system through a plurality of carriers. The provided content may be based on-one or more user customization criteria.", "owner": "Verve Wireless, Inc.", "owner_city": "Encinitas", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method to permit language independence for web interfaces", "publication_date": "2008/08/05", "number": "07958442", "url": "/2008/05/08/system-and-method-to-permit-language-independence-for-web-interfaces/", "abstract": "The disclosed system and method provides a user interface in which language-related content is decoupled from a document structure or content to permit the document to accept variable language text. The language-related content is stored separately from the document structure and content. The document without the language-related content acts like a template that can be populated with any type of language-related content. The language-related content can be provided in a separate file together with associated identifiers, and can be loaded into a cache or document object model (DOM) for processing. An XML file may be used for the language file, and the document may be constructed using HTML code. Document components can be assigned event handlers that cause pop-up boxes to be loaded and displayed with language-related content upon an event trigger.", "owner": "Dialogic Corporation", "owner_city": "Montreal, Quebec", "owner_country": "CA" } ]