[ { "title": "Intelligent drilling advisor", "publication_date": "2008/30/10", "number": "08121971", "url": "/2008/10/30/intelligent-drilling-advisor/", "abstract": "An information integration environment identifies the current drilling sites, and drilling equipment and processes at those current drilling sites. Based upon that identification, and upon data received from the drilling sites, servers access and configure software agents that are sent to a host client system at the drilling site; these software agents operate at the host client system to acquire data from sensors at the drilling site, to transmit that data to the information integration environment, and to derive the drilling state and drilling recommendations for the driller at the drilling site. These software agents include one or more rules, heuristics, or calibrations derived by the inference engine, and called by the information integration environment. In addition, the software agents sent from the information integration environment to the host client system operate to display values, trends, and reliability estimates for various drilling parameters, whether measured or calculated.", "owner": "BP Corporation North America Inc.", "owner_city": "Houston", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and system for obtaining and modifying portlets via an application programming interface", "publication_date": "2008/30/04", "number": "08082508", "url": "/2008/04/30/method-and-system-for-obtaining-and-modifying-portlets-via-an-application-programming-interface/", "abstract": "A method and a system for obtaining and modifying a plurality of Web components, such as portlets, via an application programming interface (API) are described. The method includes permitting a portal application to invoke a portlet, wherein the portlet runs inside a portlet container and the portal application runs independently from the portlet container; providing information to the portlet container about the invoked portlet related to a runtime environment of the portal application; and modifying the provided information from the portal application to customize the portlet. The system includes a portal application, a portlet container to permit the portal application to invoke a portlet, the portlet to run inside the portlet container and the portal application to run independently from the portlet container, an interface to provide and modify information about the invoked portlet that is related to a runtime environment of the portal application, and an interface to provide a portlet mode, a window state, and a set of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) parameters to the portal application to create a valid portlet URL.", "owner": "SAP AG", "owner_city": "Walldorf", "owner_country": "DE" } ]