[ { "title": "Information providing method and advertisement providing method", "publication_date": "2008/17/10", "number": "08862502", "url": "/2008/10/17/information-providing-method-and-advertisement-providing-method/", "abstract": "This object is aimed to provide an advertisement providing system, etc. that defines a web API that contributes to the creation of an advertisement attached webpage for making it possible to distribute referral fees of the advertisement. A system carries out processing while taking a session ID generated by an advertisement intermediary service () among a website (), a web API () and the advertisement intermediary service (), wherein the website () creates a webpage including a result of processing by the web API (), a link for acquiring a resource of advertisement information, and a link having as a parameter a session ID which is called on selection of an advertisement. And returns the webpage to a web browser (), and the advertisement intermediary service () records an advertisement information request in association with the session ID when the web browser () requests the advertisement intermediary service () for an advertisement information resource and then returns the advertisement information resource to the web browser (), thereby attaining the object.", "owner": "Hitachi, Ltd.", "owner_city": "Tokyo", "owner_country": "JP" } ]