[ { "title": "System and method for accessing information processor services for a mobile communication device", "publication_date": "2008/22/12", "number": "08065436", "url": "/2008/12/22/system-and-method-for-accessing-information-processor-services-for-a-mobile-communication-device/", "abstract": "A system and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device upon sensing a triggering event is disclosed. A redirector program operating at the host system enables a user to continuously redirect user-selected data items from the host system to the user's mobile data communication device upon detecting that one or more user-defined triggering events has occurred. The redirector program operates in connection with event generating applications and repackaging systems at the host system to configure and detect particular user-defined events, and then to repackage the user-selected data items in an electronic wrapper prior to pushing the data items to the mobile device. The system includes information processing components for identifying one or more information processors in the vicinity of the mobile device and then routing an attachment or information from the host system, the device or an external information source to a selected information processor.", "owner": "Research In Motion Limited", "owner_city": "Waterloo", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "Client for an appliance network", "publication_date": "2008/22/12", "number": "09264252", "url": "/2008/12/22/client-for-an-appliance-network/", "abstract": "A client having at least one memory location is provided for use with an appliance network. The client includes an arbitrary software component for performing a useful function, a software architecture or a software architecture driver configured to generate or enable transmission of messages, and means to communicate by message over a network. Thus, the client can have full capability to act as an accessory to an appliance to communicate with and to enhance or alter the operation of the appliance.", "owner": "Whirlpool Corporation", "owner_city": "Benton Harbor", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Remote management of networked systems using secure modular platform", "publication_date": "2008/30/05", "number": "08713177", "url": "/2008/05/30/remote-management-of-networked-systems-using-secure-modular-platform/", "abstract": "Embodiments relate to systems and methods for the remote configuration of networked systems using a secure modular platform. A network management engine communicates with a set of remote machines, such as a collection of clients or servers on a network. The network management engine can present a systems administrator with a set of compact network commands to permit the administrator to interrogate, configure, and manage the set of controlled machines on a dynamic basis. The network management engine can, for instance, install or update software, detect viruses on the controlled machines, perform an inventory of installed hardware on the controlled machines, and perform other network management functions using pre-configured functions and APIs built into a network library or command directory. Besides incorporating pre-configured management modules, the network management engine further allows a systems administrator to add custom modules in the command directory, using efficient modular interfaces compatible with network-level management processing.", "owner": "Red Hat, Inc.", "owner_city": "Raleigh", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Robotics systems", "publication_date": "2008/10/04", "number": "08452448", "url": "/2008/04/10/robotics-systems/", "abstract": "A method of controlling a robot includes running multiple applications on a processor, where each application has a robot controller and an action selection engine. Each application is in communication with at least one behavior and at least one action model of at least part of the robot. The method includes running periodic action selection cycles on each action selection engine. Each action selection cycle includes selecting a command for each action space of each action model, generating a single overall command based on the accumulated commands for each action model, and sending the overall command to the robot controller for execution on the robot.", "owner": "iRobot Corporation", "owner_city": "Bedford", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Electronic item management and archival system and method of operating the same", "publication_date": "2008/21/03", "number": "07752286", "url": "/2008/03/21/electronic-item-management-and-archival-system-and-method-of-operating-the-same/", "abstract": "An electronic item management and archival system for managing and archiving items. Each item includes at least one of image data, audio data, and video data. The system includes a server configured to receive items, archive at least one of the received items to an archive, and retrieve at least one of the archived items from the archive. In some embodiments, the server also includes architecture that supports a pool of threads promoting multiple, independent archive and retrieve operations concurrently.", "owner": "Fiserv Incorporated", "owner_city": "Brookfield", "owner_country": "US" } ]