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Multiple cloud providers may be used to provide the cloud computing environment.", "owner": "Kaavo Inc.", "owner_city": "Stamford", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Multimodal portable communication interface for accessing video content", "publication_date": "2008/12/09", "number": "08259082", "url": "/2008/09/12/multimodal-portable-communication-interface-for-accessing-video-content/", "abstract": "A portable communication device has a touch screen display that receives tactile input and a microphone that receives audio input. The portable communication device initiates a query for media based at least in part on tactile input and audio input. The touch screen display is a multi-touch screen. The portable communication device sends an initiated query and receives a text response indicative of a speech to text conversion of the query. The portable communication device then displays video in response to tactile input and audio input.", "owner": "AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P.", "owner_city": "Atlanta", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Real time datamining", "publication_date": "2008/29/08", "number": "08874502", "url": "/2008/08/29/real-time-datamining/", "abstract": "A method and apparatus for real time datamining. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving a user request for datamining with respect to a value from a report associated with a specific pyramid level, identifying a datamining function to be performed for statistical analysis of lower level data pertaining to the value from the report, identifying dimensions to be used as variables for the statistical analysis, and determining criteria for selecting the lower level data associated with the value from the report. The method may further include submitting a request to one or more source databases, the request reflecting the identified dimensions and the determined criteria, performing the datamining function on a data set received from the source databases, and creating a datamining report based on a result of the performed datamining function.", "owner": "Red Hat, Inc.", "owner_city": "Raleigh", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Software framework that facilitates design and implementation of database applications", "publication_date": "2008/17/06", "number": "09009195", "url": "/2008/06/17/software-framework-that-facilitates-design-and-implementation-of-database-applications/", "abstract": "An intelligent framework is provided that is disposed between a high-level language environment and a database system environment. According to one embodiment, a software framework infers the need for one or more integrity constraints. The software framework programmatically receives (a) information regarding definitions of a multiple data structures associated with multiple objects participating in a software application, and (b) information regarding relationships among the data structures, where each object represents an instance of a data structure of the multiple data structures. Then, the software framework infers the need for one or more integrity constraints based upon the information regarding definitions of the data structures and the information regarding relationships among the data structures. Finally, the software framework instructs a storage system to apply the one or more integrity constraint.", "owner": "RPX Corporation", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Multi-model access to data", "publication_date": "2008/16/05", "number": "08065320", "url": "/2008/05/16/multimodel-access-to-data/", "abstract": "Techniques are provided for accessing data stored in a database. According to one technique, an application makes one or more calls to an operating system to access a file. The operating system includes routines that implement an operating system file system. The one or more calls are made to the routines that implement the operating system file system. In response to the one or more calls, one or more database commands are issued to a database server that manages the database. The database server executes the database commands to retrieve the data from the database. The file is generated from the data, and provided to the application.", "owner": "Oracle International Corporation", "owner_city": "Redwood Shores", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Information processing apparatus having printer driver and sheet parameter setting method for printer driver", "publication_date": "2008/16/05", "number": "07929169", "url": "/2008/05/16/information-processing-apparatus-having-printer-driver-and-sheet-parameter-setting-method-for-printer-driver/", "abstract": "It is necessary to switch print settings and color processing tables to optimum ones in accordance with a type of sheet which is used in a printer. In the case of enabling a new sheet to be used, a setting can be easily added without newly forming a whole printer driver. Print set information regarding the new sheet is set into a media script and fetched into a media block via a compiler. Control is made so as to store the print set information from a media database API into a media database. When the new sheet is selected on a driver display screen, the media database is searched from the media database API and print data is formed on the basis of the print set information.", "owner": "Canon Kabushiki Kaisha", "owner_city": "Tokyo", "owner_country": "JP" }, { "title": "Method and system for a database to monitor and analyze performance of an electronic design", "publication_date": "2008/07/04", "number": "08073820", "url": "/2008/04/07/method-and-system-for-a-database-to-monitor-and-analyze-performance-of-an-electronic-design/", "abstract": "Various methods and apparatuses are described that provide instrumentation and analysis of an electronic design having one or more bus interconnects. A relational database may have defined tables designed for interconnect analysis of transactions occurring between initiator intellectual property (IP) cores and target IP cores of the electronic design. A query tool may be configured to format input data to be stored in the defined tables, and have application programming interfaces to retrieve data from the defined tables based on performing a query. The query tool executes an algorithm based on the query to provide the interconnect analysis.", "owner": "Sonics, Inc.", "owner_city": "Milpitas", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for providing common operators across multiple applications", "publication_date": "2008/03/04", "number": "07814054", "url": "/2008/04/03/system-and-method-for-providing-common-operators-across-multiple-applications/", "abstract": "A system and technique for managing and manipulating data objects, and more particularly data files, of different types utilizing a common user interface. The system allows management of folders and files across many different file types native to many different source applications, such as operating system files, document management system files, photo storage applications, electronic computer aided drawing vaults and the like. The system initializes by requesting an operations list including file information which the system uses to map source application commands to predetermined common commands associated with the system. The system also uses the operations list to display folders and files using native icons and to query the user using text associated with the underlying source application, allowing for ease of file management across a broad array of file applications and types.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Versioning of database partition maps", "publication_date": "2008/31/03", "number": "08392482", "url": "/2008/03/31/versioning-of-database-partition-maps/", "abstract": "System and methods for managing versions of partition maps in a distributed data store are disclosed. A relational database may use partition maps to indicate the location of data in a particular partition, or in a replica thereof. These partition maps may be versioned using a two-stage mechanism in which partition map updates are communicated to all nodes, or to affected nodes only, and in which operation may continue without waiting for acknowledgment of their application to each node. The system may handle minor partition changes differently than major partition changes. For example, if a replica of a partition is promoted to be a primary copy due to hardware or network failures, partition map changes may only be propagated to nodes in the same replica group. For major partition changes (e.g., splits, moves, mergers, added partitions, or size change), a new partition map may be made available to all nodes.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Scalable relational database service", "publication_date": "2008/31/03", "number": "08386540", "url": "/2008/03/31/scalable-relational-database-service/", "abstract": "System and methods for providing a Scalable Relational Database Service (SRDBS) are disclosed. SRDBS may allow a subscriber to lease/rent a virtual relational database (a.k.a. namespace) with a specified allocation of disk space, CPU resources and/or I/O resources. The namespace may resemble a physical RDBMS, and may allow client applications to perform SQL queries. SRDBS may partition a subscriber's database across multiple database servers automatically and may replicate each partition automatically. SRDBS may provide automatic routing of client queries to the appropriate database server holding the required data. The routing process may mask temporary data outages due to database replica failures, network failures, and/or repartitioning operations. SRDBS may employ partition maps to convey the location of data to client-side routing functions. These partition maps may use a multi-versioning scheme. SRDBS may provide a resource isolation mechanism that limits the resource utilization of each namespace to its specified allocation.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Techniques for application data scrubbing, reporting, and analysis", "publication_date": "2008/18/03", "number": "08838652", "url": "/2008/03/18/techniques-for-application-data-scrubbing-reporting-and-analysis/", "abstract": "Techniques for application data scrubbing, reporting, and analysis are presented. A plurality of data sources are analyzed in accordance with their schemas and matching rules. Merging rules are applied to merge a number of data types across the data sources together. A report is produced for inspection and a master data source is generated. The processing can be iterated with rules modified in response to the report for purposes of refining the master data source.", "owner": "Novell, Inc.", "owner_city": "Provo", "owner_country": "US" } ]